ITV News presenter hopes for a 'good dump' in awkward weather blunder live on air

Becky Jago made the gaffe while discussing the snow on Anglia TV with co presenter Rob Setchell.

The hosts were chatting about the weather as snow causes chaos across the country – closing schools, cancelling flights and leaving more than 100 drivers stranded on the A30 in Cornwall.

At the end of their bulletin, Becky, 42, said: "My kids won't be happy if they don't get a good dump."

Quickly realising her blunder, she then covered her face with her script before collapsing into a fit of giggles as the credits rolled.

People on Facebook were quick to see the funny side.

My kids won't be happy if they don't get a good dump.

One viewer wrote: “Love how, when the penny dropped, she started to look down as if to say… ‘What can I hide behind? Oh, these will do!’ We can still see you behind those papers Becky.”

One viewer said: “That was absolutely hilarious! Made my night. Although I really hope we don't get a big dump!

Another said: “I couldn’t stop laughing, it was good to laugh after all the Brexit stuff.”

One made quipped: “Can't beat a good dump whatever the weather.”

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