Ivanka Trump: First Daughter ‘behind Donald Trump’s shock decision to sack advisor’

Ivanka is currently senior advisor to the President, along with her husband Jared Kushner. Donald Trump has been accused of nepotism for elevating his daughter and son-in-law to senior positions of such seniority within his administration. Ivanka has even been dubbed the First Daughter, a title she apparently likes.

Before working in her father’s administration however, Ivanka worked in the Trump Organisation – her father’s company.

According to 2019 book ‘Kushner Inc’, there was a “seminal moment” that revealed Ivanka’s significant influence over her real estate mogul father.

In 2010, she exercised her power over Donald by convincing him to sack one of his most trusted advisors and her former mentor, Felix Sater.

According to Mr Sater, she regarded him as “a threat” because her father had placed Mr Sater’s office on his floor, while Ivanka’s was on the floor below.

While she had valued him as a work partner, she did not like the idea of him being too close to her father and she “bristled” when he asked questions about deals she had made.

Author Vicky Ward wrote: “In the fall of 2010 Trump told Sater that Ivanka told him he had to go.”

She added: “Trump reluctantly did what his daughter wanted, and Sater left the company.

“It was a seminal moment that demonstrated Ivanka had real influence over her father, the limit of which had not yet been found.”

A source told Ms Ward that Donald’s initial reaction to Ivanka’s demand was incredulity.

He reportedly said: “Are you f***ing kidding me? Felix is a moneymaker.”

Ivanka allegedly replied: “Perception is more important than reality,” a line that she included in her 2009 book ‘The Trump Card’.

The First Daughter’s demand was particularly brutal because Mr Sater had been her on-the-job tutor when she first joined the Trump Organisation in 2005.

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He even took her on a scouting tour to Moscow in 2006.

While the pair toured the Kremlin and Mr Sater actually asked Vladimir Putin’s security detail if Ivanka could sit in the President’s chair.

Mr Sater also had very complimentary things to say about Donald’s elder daughter.

When his boss would ask which of his children should take over the company, he would always tell him Ivanka.

Mr Sater told Ms Ward: “I thought she was the one who can run it best.

“She’s got the biggest set of balls in the room.”

However, he did also claim that Ivanka can be volatile when she does not get her own way.

He recalled: “There was a lot of yelling back and forth.

“She was a born promoter. Her appearance and her tenacity made Donald look at her and think ‘Wow, she knows how to get s*** for free and get her name on stuff.”

Mr Sater is a Russian-born businessman, who spent fifteen months in prison after a drunken brawl when he was a young man.

Afterwards, he helped mastermind a $40million stock scam but, after pleading guilty, avoided prison by becoming an informant for the FBI.

Mr Sater met Mr Trump in 2000, when he was working for development firm Bayrock Group.

‘The Donald’ apparently wanted to “keep him close”.

However, in 2007 Mr Sater’s past was exposed in the New York Times and he retreated to London.

He returned to the US in 2010, where he became a senior advisor in the Trump Organisation – although this was short-lived, as Ivanka soon insisted on his dismissal.

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