‘Jaws does exist’ Monster ’30ft’ shark spotted near set of Steven Spielberg classic

Several people who uploaded the clip claimed the footage showed a great white shark, with one fisherman simply stating “Jaws exists”.

In the footage, a fin is spotted cutting through the water from a distance away.

As the boat nears in, white details on the creature’s back become prominent.

The swimming creatures extended nose appears round.

The cameraman can be heard saying: “Jesus, oh my God.

“Look at this thing. Look. At. This. Thing.

“Oh my God, whoa.”

The giant creature was filmed 40 miles away from Martha’s Vineyard – the location popular American thriller Jaws was filmed.

“It was 25-30ft long and weighed approximately 5,000lbs. Jaws does exist!”

Almost 2.5million people have since watched the clip.

One person said: “Wow. If that’s a great white it’d be a world record size.”

“Is it a Meg?” another asked, referring to the 2018 thriller of a thought-to-be-extinct megalodon shark.

“Wow, he’s a monster!”

But others were less convinced, claiming the beast was likely a basking shark – the second largest shark species in the world.

Another said: “Basking shark. Rounded dorsal fin.”

A second agreed, adding: “Basking shark, whale sharks have a wide head and spots.”

It comes after two great white sharks were filmed going head to head with each other on video.

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