Jeremy Corbyn rolled his eyes on TV at Munich terrorist questions

Shame you find it so tiresome, Jeremy! Extracts from Corbyn TV interview when the Labour leader rolled his eyes at questions about him laying wreaths at gravesite of Munich terrorists

The Labour leader yesterday sighed and rolled his eyes as he faced questions about pictures showing him holding a wreath by the graves of members of Black September, the terror group that massacred 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.

In his latest attempt to explain himself, he said there were ‘many people laying many wreaths’ during the visit to a cemetery in Tunisia where Palestinian ‘martyrs’ are buried.

Mr Corbyn continued to insist that he had laid a wreath to honour those killed in air strikes on a Palestinian Liberation Organisation base in Tunis in 1985.

However, the Daily Mail this week presented evidence that he was by the graves of men accused of being behind the Munich Massacre when he was pictured holding a wreath and in an apparent prayer position.

Here is an extract from a TV interview with him today, as he still refuses to apologise. 

Images from the Palestinian Embassy Website archive in Tunisia showing Jeremy Corbyn in Tunisia in October 2014 – seemingly laying a wreath at the gravesite of the Munich terrorists

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Extracts from the TV interview with an eye-rolling Jeremy Corbyn yesterday:

Reporter: ‘So did you lay that wreath on those graves or by those graves?’

CORBYN: ‘I, along with other colleagues … laid a wreath in memory of all those who have died in the hope that we have a peace process and peace in the future.’

Reporter: ‘So to be clear…’

CORBYN: ‘I’m totally clear, I’m totally clear, that the way forward is of peace…’

Reporter: ‘So you did lay a wreath?’

Extracts from a TV interview show the Labour leader rolling his eyes at questions regarding the laying of a wreath at the burial site of the Munich terrorists 

CORBYN: ‘In memory of all those that died in the 1985 Israeli attack, which as I’ve repeated now again, was condemned by the UN Security Council and the UK government and the US government.’

Reporter: ‘But was that wreath not laid by the graves of those who were killed in the Mossad strike in Paris in 92?’

CORBYN: ‘It was laid on the grave of all those who died. I totally condemned what happened in Munich in 1972. I condemn all killing.’

Reporter: ‘You said yesterday you ‘didn’t think’ you took part in the wreath laying but you’re now saying you were part of the wreath laying?’

CORBYN: ‘I was there when the wreaths were laid. That’s pretty obvious…’

Reporter: ‘Did you lay the wreath?’

CORBYN: ‘I laid one along with many other people in memory of all who died in the awful attack in 1985, which I keep repeating … was condemned by the whole world.’

Reporter: ‘[Labour MP] Luciana Berger wants an apology for you being there.’

CORBYN: ‘I’m not apologising for being there at all.’

Jeremy Corbyn, right, at what he described as a ‘conference searching for peace’ in Tunisia. The event was titled the ‘International Conference on Monitoring the Palestinian Political and Legal Situation in the Light of Israeli Aggression’


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