Jess Phillips reveals dreamed of being the 'Queen of the World'

Labour leadership hopeful Jess Phillips reveals she dreamed of being the ‘Queen of the World’ when she was a teenager

  • Jess Phillips grew up with three brothers and being raised by ‘rabid feminists’
  • Her parents gave her ambition that ‘there’s nothing boys can do that you can’t’
  • Phillips dreamed of being ‘Queen of the World’ just as Boris Johnson wanted King status
  • She suspended her key aide over ‘unacceptable’ anti-Israel tweets, last week

Jess Phillips said yesterday that she grew up wanting to be ‘Queen of the World’.

The Labour leadership hopeful revealed she had always been told by her parents that she could do anything her brothers could.

Last year documentary maker Michael Cockerell claimed that as a boy Boris Johnson had said he wanted to be ‘World King’.

Labour leadership contender Jess Phillips, pictured on Good Morning Britain in October 2019, has revealed she always wanted to be ‘Queen of the world’ after being raised by ‘rabid feminists’ when she was younger

Mrs Phillips, pictured, told The Sunday Times that she had a similar ambition. She said that growing up with three brothers and being raised by ‘rabid feminists’, she was told by her parents: ‘There’s nothing those boys can do that you can’t. It made me think, “I can be the Queen of the World”.’

At the weekend Mrs Phillips suspended her office manager over ‘completely unacceptable’ anti-Israel tweets. 

Phillips (picture with MP Yvette Cooper with staff at Palfrey Sure Start Centre, in 2016) grew up being taught that she could achieve anything boys could which inspired the bold ambition of being Queen

Her tell-all interview comes a year after Prime Minister Boris Johnson had said he wanted to be ‘World King’ as a child

In one, Salma Hamid said Israel was ‘inflicting Holocaust conditions on Palestinians’. The tweets were posted before she worked for Mrs Phillips. 

Phillips suspended her Labour aide Salma Hamid (pictured) over ‘completely unacceptable’ anti-Israel tweets, on Friday

She took the action after a newspaper uncovered messages posted by the aide, Salma Hamid, in which she appeared to brand Israel a ‘murderer’ that was ‘inflicting Holocaust conditions on Palestinians’.

In another tweet, the member of staff appeared to liken Israel to the Islamic State terror group. 

The messages were posted between 2014 and 2016 before she worked for Miss Phillips.

Miss Phillips said she was sad to suspend her aide, but insisted it was ‘the right thing to do and the only way to start building a bridge again with the Jewish community’.    

Leadership favourite Sir Keir Starmer declared yesterday that the ‘free-market model’ had been a failure and backed higher taxes on the wealthiest to pay for better public services.      

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