Jewish family subjected to vile anti-Semitic abuse by Tube passenger

Passengers were left stunned as a man subjected a Jewish dad and little boy to a vile tirade of anti-Semitic abuse on the Tube.

Grasping a tattered bible, the family were branded "imposters" and "part of the synagogue of Satan" in the shocking racist attack which is now being investigated by police.

A disgusted witness, Chris Atkins, filmed the incident, which occurred on the Northern Line toward Mornington Crescent around midday on Friday and posted it on Twitter.

Chris said: "Around noon I witnessed appalling anti-Semitic abuse towards this Jewish Family on the Northern line.

"Fair play to other passengers who stood up to him. If you recognise the guy please report to ⁦@metpoliceuk."

The one-and-a-half minute video has since been watched and retweeted thousands of times with people weighing in to shame the bloke, who has not yet been identified.

In a man in a blue jacket and baseball cap aggressively quotes a passage from a bible, in the direction of a boy who looks to be around seven-years-old, which references a "synagogue of Satan".

His dad can be seen with his arm around his boy, telling him calmly "just to ignore him".

When a member of the public tries to intervene the vile man tells him to get "out of my face or I will smack you right on the nose, I'm not no Christian pastor, back the f**k up from me bro".

A woman then points out to him that there are children in the carriage.

He responds angrily: "These people are imposters trying to claim my heritage and they started the slave trade."

The incident prompted dozens of responses from people labelling the anti-Semitic abuse "disgraceful".

One user responded to praise the dad's calm response.

She said: "Disgusting. Fair play to the dad and his kids. Calm, comforting, reassuring. I would have not been so reserved."

The post has since been liked over 1,900 times, prompting British Transport Police to respond with an appeal.

They said: "Hey Chris. Very sorry you had to witness this. We are aware and are making enquiries.

"If anyone witnessed this, or has any further information, please contact us by texting 61016, calling 0800 40 50 40 or by emailing [email protected], reference 357 of 22/11."

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