Joe Biden has yet another gaffe-filled media appearance

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden conducted a gaffe-filled interview on MSNBC Monday, kicking off his media appearance by referring to the epicenter of the coronavirus by the wrong name.

“I suggested we should have people in China at the outset of this event, when it all started, in Luhan Province,” Biden told the network, meaning to refer to the city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province, where the virus originated.

The Democratic frontrunner went on to claim that the Trump administration withdrew CDC staffers in the months leading up to the virus outbreak, likely stemming from a Reuters report from last week claiming that the administration slashed CDC staff in China.

“We had people in our administration, we had CDC people in other countries because we wanted to anticipate when in fact another virus would occur, when in fact a pandemic might occur as a consequence of a spreading virus in another country, to act quickly. The president withdrew those people,” Biden said.

The problem, however, is that regardless of staffing cuts, the CDC began offering China to send a team of experts to the province back in early-January, according to the New York Times.

As he did last week, Biden again gave the wrong date for a USA Today op-ed he penned on the virus, again claiming it was posted on January 17 when it was actually January 27.

The ex-VP also mixed up his drug stores and government agencies, accidentally referring to CVS as CVC.

When thanked by the MSNBC cohost for sitting down with her, Biden had another awkward remark, responding that, “Well, thanks for giving me the time. So they won’t wonder where I am.”

“They” appears to refer to the American people, likely an acknowledgment of his general absence from the campaign trail, as the pandemic keeps the 77-year-old trapped in his Delaware home.

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