Joe Biden’s WARNING to Trump – don’t insult my family you ‘no good S.O.B’

But the top-polling 2020 Democratic presidential candidate went on to claim he had “so many nicknames” to give President Donald Trump, and had for now settled on “clown.” Mr Biden said: “There are so many nicknames that I’m inclined to give this guy. We could just start with clown.”

Mr Biden went on to refer to the president as a “no good S.O.B,”

In the past, Mr Biden has not shied away from direct verbal insults with Trump.

At an October 2016 rally in Pennsylvania for then-candidate Hillary Clinton he said: ”The press always asks me if I wish I were debating him.

“No, I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym, that’s what I wish,” he said to roaring applause.

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He speculated that Trump could verbally attack his family members during the campaign.

A supporter urged Biden to shoot insults back at Trump, who frequently refers to the former senator and vice president as “Sleepy Joe” on Twitter.

The president retweeted a staggering 60-plus tweets, many of which were specifically anti-Biden, in less than an hour last Wednesday morning.

But Biden briefly declined, saying “The only place Trump has any confidence is in the mud.

“The only thing he doesn’t know how to respond to is issues and specifics.”

Biden said he has no problem “responding directly” to policy issues and other demeaning remarks the president may make toward others.

But that a “mud wrestling match” between the two is exactly what Trump “wants me to do.”

The six-term senator said his family members are “the last people I want to go through” what Trump could throw at them during the remaining 18 months of the campaign.

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