Joe Exotic’s ex-producer claims he saw him ‘shoot horse in head and feed body to tigers after making promise’ – The Sun

JOE Exotic’s ex-producer claimed he saw the newfound Netflix star shoot a horse in the head and feed its body to tigers – after promising a woman the horse would be free to run in green pasture.

Producer Rick Kirkham revealed his thoughts on the seven-part documentary series in an exclusive interview with TMZ Live on Wednesday.

When asked how true the documentary is, Rick told TMZ Live: "This documentary is so accurate it is frightening. I've actually had nightmares the last several nights since its been airing.

"If anything, the documentary doesn't go far enough to show how crazy Joe was."

In the video, Rick goes on to explain a time a "poor old woman drove in with a horse trailer" and asked Joe to take care of the horse.

Joe allegedly agreed to watch over the crying woman's horse and give it green pasture to run in.

But once the woman left, Joe asked Rick to follow him with the camera.

Rick said: "He walked right up to that horse trailer, pulled out his revolver, shot the horse in the head, then cut it up and fed it to the tigers."

"That was Joe Exotic on a daily basis."

The footage was allegedly burned in a fire at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in March 2015 that destroyed Rick's studio.

Joe Exotic – whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage – is currently serving a 22-year sentence for the murder-for-hire plot against animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

In regards to Carole, Rick thinks Joe and Carole are "peas in a pod."

He told TMZ Live: "They're both one in the same.

"I don't think she abuses the animals quite as bad as Joe has.

"But putting an animal in a cage is abuse in itself."

Carole – the owner of Big Cat Rescue in Florida – recently branded the Netflix documentary as 'salacious and sensational' and claimed bosses "didn't care about the truth."

Her husband Don disappeared on August 18, 1997.

The docu-series touches on the mysterious disappearance of Don, a 20-year-old cold case which still hasn't been solved.

Joe's crimes and his outrageous personality have attracted Netflix viewers since the docu-series debuted on March 20.

Meanwhile, the docu-series' newfound fame has even prompted Netflix fans to takeover Instagram with pictures of them decked out in his trademark outfits for the #TigerKingChallenge.

A federal lawsuit seeking nearly $94 million in damages has been filed by Joe – as he claims his conviction was based on false and perjured testimony, and alleges he was singled out for being an "openly gay male."

Joe remains at the Federal Medical Center, a 1,500-inmate facility in Forth Worth, Texas.

Cops have now appealed for new leads to crack the case of Baskin's mussing husband Jack 'Don' Lewis.

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