Karl Lagerfeld’s strict instructions to shop staff on how to mourn him

A perfectionist from beyond the grave: Karl Lagerfeld’s strict instructions to shop staff on how to mourn him, including displaying a bouquet of white roses and what answers to give customers offering condolences

  • Karl Lagerfeld left a manual dictating how shop staff should act after his death
  • Strict instructions to display a bouuet of long-stemmed white roses in window
  • Five-page manual also included what answers to give to customers’ condolences

Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away from pancreatic cancer aged 85 on Tuesday, had left his shop staff instructions on how he should be honoured after his death.

The fashion designer, a notorious perfectionist, had written a manual dictating everything from the flowers to how to speak to customers offering their condolences.  

It instructs employees to remove all items from the shop window and place a single bouquet of white roses with a company statement on display.

In control until the end: Karl Lagerfeld had left strict instructions to display a statement and a bouquet of long-stemmed white roses in each shop window, as seen here at his boutique near the Champs Elysees in Paris, France

The five page document, seen by Bild, orders shop staff to ‘locally purchase a large, white flower bouquet existing out of white roses, to place in the middle of the (main) window.’

Lagerfeld writes that the roses must have 120cm (47in) long stems and should only be placed in a transparent or basic white vase.

The manual also provides staff with acceptable answers to give to customers when they offer their condolences, including ‘Thank you for your condolences’ or ‘It is a hard time for all of us’.

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The statement on display, which was also published on Karl Lagerfeld’s Instagram reads:  ‘The House of KARL LAGERFELD shares, with deep emotion and sadness, the passing of its creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, on February 19, 2019, in Paris, France. 

‘He was one of the most influential and celebrated designers of the 21st century and an iconic, universal symbol of style. Driven by a phenomenal sense of creativity, Karl was passionate, powerful and intensely curious. 

‘He leaves behind an extraordinary legacy as one of the greatest designers of our time, and there are no words to express how much he will be missed. ‘

Final wished: The five-page document includes a selection of answers to give to customers who express their condolences

Statement: The statement on display was also published on Karl Lagerfeld’s Instagram

Lagerfeld passed away in Paris, France this week, after being rushed to hospital.

The German-born artistic director for Chanel had looked increasingly frail in recent months, and had did not come out to take a bow at Chanel’s couture show in Paris in January, something the company attributed to him being ‘too tired’.

‘He hadn’t gone on about his illness, but battled it very bravely,’ said one source. ‘Karl was very proud of his fitness and healthy living, so the pancreatic cancer came as a huge shock.’

He had also given strict instructions regarding his funeral – or rather lack thereof. 

Lagerfeld once told i.D magazine: ‘Her name is Choupette, Princess Choupette or Miss Choupette. She’s snow white with touches of caramel around the eyes, ears and on her endless boa-like feather tail.’

Choupette the gorgeous and beloved Burmese cat of Karl Lagerfeld appeared behind a funereal veil with words describing her as having ‘a once cold but now simply broken heart’

The 85-year-old’s remains will be cremated and his ashes likely scattered with those of his mother and late French partner Jacques De Bascher, who died of AIDS in 1989. 

He had also expressed a desire to be buried with his beloved pet cat Choupette, however she survived him and is now named as a potential heiress to his vast fortune. 

‘His wishes will be respected,’ a Chanel spokeswoman said on Wednesday. 

She added that as per Lagerfeld’s wishes – he once famously said: ‘There will be no funeral. I’d rather die!’ – there will be no ceremony. 

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