Kate Middleton ‘must move beyond own feelings’ to reunite Harry and William

Kate Middleton will have to "move beyond her own feelings" to reunite her husband with Prince Harry, a royal expert has claimed.

In a new column for news.com.au, Daniela Elser suggests the Duchess of Cambridge is capable of being more than just an "ornamental presence" and could hold the key to healing the deeply divided Royal Family.

Harry has just returned to the UK for the first time in more than a year to attend Prince Philip's funeral.

Since his arrival he has reportedly spoken with William on the phone, but as he's having to quarantine the brothers won't be reunited face-to-face until the service on Saturday.

Their relationship has been notoriously fraught ever since Harry upped sticks and moved to California with wife Meghan and son Archie.

The Duke of Sussex admitted last month that their relationship at present is one of "space", but now he's back on this side of the Atlantic that's all about to change — and the memory of his now-notorious Oprah interview is likely still very fresh in everyone's minds.

That's where Kate comes in to play the role of "peacemaker", Elser writes.

"The responsibility now rests on her narrow shoulders to try to help her husband and beloved brother-in-law heal the breach," she said, quoting from a Telegraph report that said Kate hopes to "soothe the tensions".

The Duchess' once-close friendship with Harry was one of the many casualties of the split between him and the rest of the royals, meaning she likely felt personally hurt by the conflict as well as concerned for the monarchy, Elser says.

"Meghan's Oprah revelations about the royal house didn't just take a broad aim at the whole gilded edifice but also directly at Kate herself," the column reads.

One of the most striking moments of the interview was when Meghan corrected a long-standing rumour that she'd made Kate cry ahead of her 2018 wedding to Harry, saying it was "the reverse".

Although Meghan was quick to say Kate "owned it" and apologised for the incident, Elser says her revelation must have been "ouch all around" for the Cambridges.

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"For Kate to now act as a mediator, she would have to move beyond recent events and put the greater good of the crown ahead of whatever her own feelings might be," she writes.

The clash between the couples has "far wider reaching implications" for the Royal Family, the column says, with Harry's inability to cope with palace life any longer a serious "stain" on their image.

"Which is why Kate's mediator role is such a loaded and deeply important one," Elser says.

"This isn't just about mending a fraternal rift but helping patch up the royal house's image after its most ruinous, ugly chapter in decades."

She adds: "Forget dismissing Kate as a decorative broodmare; right now she is the closest thing the palace has to Kofi Annan or Boutros Boutros-Ghali."

Representatives of the Duchess of Cambridge have been approached for comment.

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