Kathie Lee wears a SWAN on her head for royal wedding coverage

Kathie Lee wears a SWAN on her head as NBC stars continue their enthusiastic royal wedding coverage in over the top outfits

  • Kathie Lee went for her most ornate fascinator of the week on Saturday morning 
  • Twitter users erupted with jokes asking ‘what has Kathie Lee done to deserve this?’
  • It was the latest in a string of ornate outfits from the NBC team this week 
  • Kathie Lee and Megyn Kelly led their coverage from a high street in Windsor
  • Gayle King wore a fascinator to lead Good Morning America’s coverage  

Kathie Lee Gifford didn’t pass up her last chance to wear an extravagant fascinator on Saturday as she anchored Today’s coverage of the royal wedding from Windsor. 

After several days of increasingly ornate outfits, the NBC host went all out with her final look which included a swan and feathers. 

She was joined by her equally enthusiastic co-host Megyn Kelly who wore a hot pink number on her head. 

Both ladies opted for blush dresses to finish the look. 

Kathie Lee Gifford wore a swan on her head with purple feathers shooting out the side in her most over-the-top effort to fit in with the royal wedding guests. Megyn Kelly went for a blush number 

The pair seemed delighted with their looks and posed for a selfie with well-wishing members of the public behind them 

They filmed in front of a raving crowd in Windsor with scores of royalists lining up behind them to wave British flags. 

It was an extension of their looks from Friday. 

Unlike Megyn and Kathie Lee who did not relent with their wedding guest attire, Today hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb ditched their headgear for the big day.

A host of celebrities were among the estimated 100,000 people who descended on Windsor on Saturday for the historic event. 

Kathie Lee’s swan appeared to have been made out of papier mache and there were lilac feathers all around it 

From the side, the swan looked as though it was nesting on the NBC host’s head 

Al Roker was also in on the action. Instead of a top hat or morning coat, he went for a straw fedora and purple checked suit 

According to Guthrie, who has been there all week, most of the well-wishing members of the public are not British but American. 

‘I feel like I’ve met more people from California, Texas and Illinois than I have from England!’ she said. 

While Kathie Lee seemed delighted with her look, Twitter users erupted with jokes and memes.  

Twitter users erupted with jokes about her keen look 

Gayle King wore a blue and yellow fascinator to anchor coverage for This Morning with Kevin Frazier

The Fox News anchors didn’t opt for fascinators but instead stuck to tasteful coats and dresses 

CNN’s Anderson Cooper did not wear anything on his head either 

‘What did Kathie Lee do to deserve this,’ said one user. 

‘Oh my god! Kathie Lee has got a duck on her head!’ another quipped. 

The NBC stars weren’t the only US anchors who were eager to get into the spirit of the day. 

CBS’s This Morning host Gayle King wore a fascinator of her own. 

The Fox News team did not bother with headgear, instead dressing elegantly in coats and cocktail dresses. 

Anderson Cooper, who is in Windsor for CNN, stuck with a traditional suit. 

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