Kid brothers among first to get ASBOs still terrorising neighbours 15 years on

Two baby-faced brothers who were among Britain’s first ASBO kids are still hell-raising 15 years later.

Shamen Williams was ten and Tyler Williams 13 when they first ­appeared in police mugshots and were named and shamed as tearaways.

At the time police called the two young louts’ anti-social behaviour ­orders “a superb result”.

But the ASBOs proved a complete failure and last week both brothers, now adults, were sent back to jail for their latest violent behaviour.

Despite the pair’s appalling records their family insist they are not bad lads.

Their dad Wayne, a father of eight, said he “loves them to pieces”.

And the girlfriend of Tyler and Shamen’s younger brother – who is also behind bars -– said: “They need support, guidance and love and attention.”

But neighbours who have been ­terrorised by the boys for a decade and a half in Folkestone, Kent, disagreed.

One told the Sunday People: “The ASBOs were no deterrent whatsoever. These two have made a mockery of the entire system.

“The orders were nothing but a badge of honour and actually seemed to spur them on to commit even more crime.”

ASBOs were introduced by Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett to curb a rising tide of yob violence.

They allowed offenders who ­committed certain low-level offences to be jailed for breaching the orders.

The punishment meant they faced being locked up if they were caught swearing, abusing, threatening, harassing, humiliating or making obscene gestures.

Criminal damage, burglary, theft or assault were also off the agenda, as was trespass, refusing to leave premises when asked to do so or even, bizarrely, riding a ­bicycle in a dangerous manner.

Shamen and Tyler got their ASBOs after a dozen fed-up locals who had borne the brunt of their behaviour agreed to give evidence before Folkestone magistrates.

But last week the brothers were in court again when a judge locked them up for setting dogs on terrified members of the public and burgling homes.

Tyler, now 28, got six years and two months for unlawful wounding, actual bodily harm and burglary, at Maidstone crown court.

The yob set his pitbulls Lola and Sarge on three people.

The court heard Tyler unleashed one of the dogs on an elderly man at a bus stop who refused to hand over cash.

He released the mutt with the order: “See him off.” The same evening he launched the dogs on another victim, leaving him with permanent scars.

Three days later Tyler ordered Sarge to attack a young woman.

She was left with a deep wound on her arm.

Tyler also admitted a spate of eight shoplifting offences and confessed to a burglary, breaking into a woman’s home to steal cash and gift cards.

Shamen, now 25, got three years for wounding and burglary. He admitted breaking into a home and attacking a man with a clawhammer during a burglary last November.

Younger brother Brandon, 19, who joined in the attack,was locked up for four-and-a-half years.

This week Brandon’s ­girlfriend Rhiannon Elennah told the Sunday People: “The boys don’t deserve hate. They need support, guidance and love and attention.

“They don’t have that – that’s why they are like what they are.”

Speaking of their crimes, she said: “They know that it wasn’t a right thing to do.

“They all stick together. They are brothers. What do you expect?

“They didn’t do it for no reason. There’s always a reason behind everything.

“The person who got hurt by the dog deserved it. It’s not all the Williams’s fault. They think the right way is to fight back because that’s the way they solve things. They want to change their lives for the best. The past is the past.

“They don’t want to be the people they used to be.”

The brothers’ dad Wayne refused to comment when approached at his home, which has a sofa in the front garden.

But he wrote on Facebook: “I love all my kids no matter whether I do agree or don’t agree with some of the things they do. This is what comes with being a loyal loving dad.”

He shared a snap of his boys, with the caption: “Love em 2 pieces. I may not b the best, but I always do my best!!”

Despite the warm words, his boys have racked up ­plenty of convictions since their ASBOs.

At the age of 18 Shamen was given three and ahalf years in jail for an attempted robbery.

He was let out early but just a month later in 2012 he was jailed for 15 months for attacking a man on the street with his dad Wayne.

Wayne, then 41, had shouted to a stranger across the road: “What you looking at nonce?”

Shamen hit the victim with an ­aluminium bar.

His father then grabbed the victim in a headlock, said he was going to kill him, whipped out a flick knife and slashed him across the face.

The judge told Shamen: “You have an appalling record of violence.” Wayne admitted wounding with intent and was jailed for five years and eight months.

Just two years later Shamen threatened to stab a 49-year-old man after stealing his mountain bike.

He was hauled back to ­prison for 18 months when police found him riding the ­stolen bike along the seafront promenade at Folkestone.

After the Williams brothers got their ASBOs in 2003, local cop PC Richard Lester said: “This is a superb result for the public.

“It will send a clear message that the police, the community and the courts will not tolerate anti-social behaviour.”

But the ensuing years told a different story – although neighbours are now looking forward to a well-earned rest from the Williams brothers.

One wrote online: “Got some growing up to do inside. Let’s see how you get on without dogs and baseball bats.” Another said: “They’ll be released and back into crime before you know it. They obviously don’t have a brain cell between them.”

A local taxi driver who was too afraid of repercussions to be named said: “The Williamses are notorious in Folkestone.

“They called themselves G.W.A – Gangstas with Attitude.”

An ex-neighbour who spent five years near them said: “It was like living next door to an episode of Jeremy Kyle.

“They would get up at midday and drink until the early hours of the night.”

After the boys were jailed this time, police again heralded a job well done.

In words all to familiar to locals, Detective Inspector Cara Ferguson said: “They have each received time in prison where they can no longer pose a threat to the public.”

But one neighbour said: “I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of these two idiots.”

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