Kim Jong-un could pass North Korean leadership on to his ‘most beloved daughter’

Kim Jong-un’s ‘most beloved daughter’ could be the next leader of the state.

Kim Ju-ae has made several public appearances alongside the North Korean leader in recent weeks in what is believed to be a plan for succession.

Pictures of the father-daughter duo circulated after the pair made a visit to a nuclear missile facility on New Year's day.

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Ju-ae is believed to be around age 10, and is the Korean leader's second child – and is referred to by local media as Kim’s ‘most beloved daughter’.

South Korean intelligence officials have said that Kim has three children, with the eldest likely being a son.

According to DNYUZ, it is now being reported that she is being groomed to take her father's place as supreme leader.

“The photos are likely part of a carefully worked out program to show to North Koreans that Kim Ju-ae is going to become the successor,” said Cheong Seong-chang, a longtime researcher of the Kim family at the Sejong Institute in South Korea.

Although experts noted that it would be unusual for Ju-ae to be chosen over her brother – though not impossible.

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North Korea is not a monarchy, therefore, Its top leader is supposedly elected through a ruling Workers’ Party congress.

However, Kim’s father and grandfather both ruled before him until they died.

Kim Jong-un, who turns 39 next Monday (January 9) , has been in power for 11 years and is unlikely to leave his position any time soon.

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Although rumours have been reported prompting concern over his health and raising questions over who will take over.

But not everyone saw Ju-ae’s presence as a sign that she had been elevated in the family.

“It’s premature to conclude that she is going to become the successor, especially if her father has a son,” said Ahn Chan-il, a defector from North Korea who runs a research institute in Seoul.”


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