Kim Jong-un sent TWO decoy planes into Singapore and brought an army of running bodyguards to Trump summit because he’s terrified of being assassinated

Arriving in a third plane in Changi Airport last night, the pint-sized despot was ushered into a black Mercedes limo while his infamous suit-clad security detail sprang into action alongside.

Footage showed them keeping pace with Kim’s official car which was among a 20 vehicle convoy which included an ambulance should anyone attempt to kill the dictator.

The pint-sized despot, who is reportedly terrified he will be assassinated while overseas on his longest ever trip abroad as North Korean leader.

He was welcomed at Singapore's Changi Airport, after arriving on an Air China jet, by Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan.

The two decoy jets, including Kim’s outdated Soviet-era Ilyushin-62 dubbed Air Force Un, also flew from Pyongyang to south-east Asia.

The plane he actually arrived in was perhaps a more safer Air China airliner.

It is believed that Kim's sister and close confidant, Yo-jong, flew in one of the decoys.


The US President arrived in Singapore around five hours after the North Korean leader.

He arrived on Air Force One at around 8.30pm local time (1.30pm UK time).

According to Flightrader24, the Air China Boeing 747 which was carrying Kim took off using the flight number CA122.

However, after travelling towards Chinese capital Beijing, the jet changed its call sign to CA061 before heading south and landing in Singapore at 2.36pm local time.

Kim is said to be “extremely worried” about being murdered while in Singapore.

Bloomberg cited two US officials close to the negotiations as saying Kim is concerned "about security at the summit and is fearful of assassination attempts".

The dictator, who does not have an air force to command, may be vulnerable to attack because he will most likely be travelling on a civilian airline, Business Insider reports.

A massive security team flanked the dictator’s limousine on his way to the St Regis Hotel where he will be a guest during the summit.

Armed cops carrying machine guns surrounded the hotel ahead of Kim’s visit.

Trump and the North Korean leader will meet at the five-star Capella Hotel on the island of Sentosa on Tuesday to discuss the rogue state’s nuclear weapons programme.

The meeting will be the first time a sitting US President has met with a member of the Kim dynasty.

Around a dozen delegates from the rogue state – many of whom looked to be of fighting aged in their 20s – were also seen getting off a bus before the crunch nuclear talks.

Before flying out to south-east Asia, Trump said he was on a "peace mission" while insisting he will know if he can strike a deal with the dictator “within the first minute” of their meeting.

The brash New Yorker flew to Singapore last night to prepare for the showdown summit.

As he left the G7 summit in Canada, Trump called on the diminutive despot to seize on his “one-time shot” to make history and agree to disarm in exchange for economic prosperity.

Boasting of his deal making prowess, the US President insisted on the chances of success: “I’ll know within the first minute. My touch, my feel, that’s what I do.

“You know how they say you know whether you’re going to like someone in the first five seconds?

“Very quickly I think I’ll know if something positive is going to happen”.

After a choppy run up to their meeting, Republican firebrand refused to put odds on the chances of winning a peace deal for North Korea to disarm.

He explained: “There has not been done before. Very little is known about him, but I think he is going to surprise on the upside.

“We’re going in with a very positive attitude, and I think it will be fine.

But who knows? Maybe it won’t work out.

“But at the minimum, but at least we would have met each other.”

Despite agreeing to the summit, Kim is still widely believed to think the US has a "hostile policy" against him and would welcome a regime change.

There have also been reports of countries, including China, looking into ways of removing the leader by force.

Trump expressed his desire to invite the North Korean leader to the White House if the meeting at the £8,000-a-night luxury resort in Singapore goes smoothly.

The former reality TV star, 71, said he would prefer to welcome Kim to the White House over his luxury Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.

"Maybe we'll start with the White House," he told reporters at a press conference alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


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