Kim Jong-un ‘to reveal terrifying new ballistic nuke missile that can pulverise the US in massive parade’

MISSILE-mad Kim Jong-un is poised to showcase a terrifying new Doomsday nuke which can flatten cities anywhere in the US.

The news comes as North Korea steps up its provocative stance after "peace" talks stalled between the rogue state and the West.

Two weeks ago we revealed how Kim was planning to hold a huge military showcase to highlight his deadly arsenal.

Now it has been reported pride of place in the very public parade could go to his much-heralded Hwasong-15 ballisitic missile.

Analysts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies believe the rocket can deliver a 1,000-kilogram payload an estimated 8,000 miles.

North Korean state media has described it as a “new-type of inter-continental ballistic rocket weaponry system capable of carrying super-heavy nuclear warhead and attacking the whole mainland of the US”.

Nowsatellite photos from the country's main parade training ground show lnewly-erected structures, big enough to conceal Kim’s largest missiles.


Other recent satellite images- analysed by the website NK News- also reveal reinforcement work being done on the Okryu Bridge in the capital Pyongyang.

The bridge connects the Mirim parade ground with the expected route of next month's parade, reports The Times.

Some believe the work is being carried out to allow extremely heavy loads – like ballistic missiles mounted on heavy transporters – to be carried over the bridge.

“Commercial satellite imagery indicates training continues at North Korea’s Mirim parade training ground for a military parade likely,” wrote the authors of a report on 38 North, a website that monitors North Korea.

“Additionally, despite having recently constructed a permanent heavy equipment storage compound on site, multiple temporary structures have been erected around the garages that are large enough to house transporter-erector-launchers (TELs) for the North’s largest missiles.”

The structures were said to have put up sometime between September 4 and 14 when cloud cover caused by passing typhoons obscured the view of spy satellites.

“Satellite imagery was unavailable between those dates,” 38 North reported.

It then added “but there are now significantly more tyre marks on the concrete pavement around the garages, indicating heavy vehicle movement and probable participating in parade practices during that period.”

The Hwasong- 15 ICBM is – at just over 16 metres –  a good two metres longer than Kim's "old favourite" the Hwasong-14.

And with a width of two metres it is also also thicker – enabling it to carry much more fuel.

In 2017, the first images of the rocket emerged showing Kim cackling as the missile was test launched.

After supervising the successful launch of the new and improved ICBM, he boasted about his military's new might.

State TV broadcast a photo of Kim's signed order where he wrote: "Test launch is approved.

"Taking place at the daybreak of November 29! Fire with courage for the party and country!"

North Korea's – which also feature tanks, troops and armoured trucks – usually take place in Pyongyang's Kim Il-sung Square.

They are held in front of powerful state dignitaries including 'Glorious Leader' Kim himself.

The parades are timed to mark the anniversary of the formation of the Workers’ Party of Korea which is a huge public holiday.

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