Kingston, Ont. couple aims to inspire during COVID-19 pandemic

In these uncertain times, a Kingston, Ont. couple is going out of their way to shine a light on the positive.

In fact, their “inspiration fence” is getting plenty of attention.

Anyone walking through Dunham Park in the city’s west end can’t help but notice a chain link fence decorated with signs of all shapes and sizes.

Brian Melady owns the fence, but it’s a shared project for the community, he explains.

“Online, we refer to it as ‘Mr. Mutsy’s fence of kindness,’” Melady said.

“Mr. Mutsy is our big St. Bernard pet therapy dog and we’ve always believed in having fences more as boundaries than barriersm, if you will.”

Decorating the fence is nothing new. Melady says it’s been dressed up for for Canada Day, Christmas and also for an Indigenous art expo.

Other messages on the fence include “When it rains looks for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars”, “Friendship is Magic” and “Small moments make the Best Memories”.

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