LA man speaks out after nearly escaping car crushed by giant boulder

LA man reveals phone call from his girlfriend asking him to get her bag SAVED his life – seconds before giant boulder crushed his sedan

  • An LA man says he is lucky to be alive after a four-foot boulder fell onto his car
  • The man said he exited his vehicle to take a phone call from his girlfriend 
  • When he came back out to his car, he found the massive boulder on his car 
  • The boulder was triggered by inclement weather in the area  

A driver who nearly was crushed after a giant boulder fell on his car in Malibu, California says he feels lucky to be alive after the scary incident. 

Mauricio Henao’s Honda was parked along a hillside in the 20000 block of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu Tuesday when the inclement weather triggered a four-foot boulder to slide down the mountain and fall onto his car. 

Henao said he was sitting in his driver’s seat just moments before the boulders fell when a phone call came in, requiring him to head into his home. 

Inside, he said he ‘just heard loud crashes,’  before he ran out and saw his car crushed.

The dangerous rockslide comes after massive storms hit Southern California, causing massive flooding and road hazards. 

A boulder damaged one car on Pacific Coastal Highway in Malibu 

The boulder slid down off the hillside onto the man’s sedan just above the windshield, completely smashing in the car’s interior. 

‘The rock is the size of the whole hood,’ Henao said in an interview with KTLA.  ‘The windshields are all broken and the frame of the car is just all twisted.’

The vehicle owner said he was sitting inside his parked vehicle and preparing to drive away when the hillside began sliding. 

He said the phone call came at the best time possible and may have saved his life.

‘My girlfriend called me and said, “Hey, can you get my bag that I left there” so I went back inside and I heard rumbling outside,’ Henao told ABC 7. 

When he came back outside, he found the devastation he had just narrowly avoided.

The debris, which included mud, rocks, and boulders, spread across four lanes of traffic on the infamous roadway. 

Henao snapped this picture with his vehicle after the boulder fell on his car

The boulder smashed the inside of the vehicle almost completely 

Heanao said he had just stepped out out of his vehicle to take a phone call

The phone call with his girlfriend saved his life, Henao says 

Luckily, no one was injured in the incident, but multiple vehicles in the area were damaged or destroyed. 

‘A whole bunch of rocks came down, but they came from here and came across the street,’ Nick Kennedy, a resident whose SUV was damaged while parked in his driveway, told the LA news station.

‘I’m kind of glad my car was there. I don’t know if [the rocks] would have gone through the wall of the house and nailed me because my desk is right on the other side of that wall,’ Kennedy continued.   

Another vehicle in the same neighborhood sustained a broken windshield in the event.   

Luckily, no one was injured in the incident 

The steering wheel appeared in tact despite the major devastation

One of the vehicle’s doors was still able to open

The dangerous rockslide comes after a massive overnight storm hit Southern California, causing massive flooding and road hazards.

Although Henao was glad to emerge uninjured and snapped a selfie with the vehicle. 

Despite the smiling pic, the vehicle owner said the incident has left him ‘traumatized.’

‘I’m pretty shook up,’ said Henao. ‘Honestly, I don’t think I’ll park here again after this. I’m a little traumatized by this whole ordeal.’

Henao told ABC 7 he feels lucky to be alive, saying: ‘I feel like I should play the Lotto.’ 

‘I feel like I should play the Lotto,’ Henao said of his luck 

Rocks and mud blocked the four-lane roadway after the incident 

Another car nearby was damaged by falling rocks and debris

The Malibu event is just one of countless across the Los Angeles area and the state.

Another Malibu roadway was blocked after a ‘big rock’ fell onto Malibu Canyon Road, completely cutting off traffic flow in the area. 

The massive storm, caused by a series of atmospheric rivers, has resulted in the deaths of 17 people across the state. 

A mother and daughter were rescued from a sinkhole in Chatsworth, a Los Angeles neighborhood, after their vehicle fell into the hole when the road buckled underneath them from heavy rain. 

This ‘big rock’ fell directly onto a roadway in Malibu, completely cutting off access to both sides

This picture of the boulder was shared by the LA County Public Works 

Two cars were swallowed into the sinkhole which opened up Monday evening 

The sinkhole has completely shut off Iverson Road in Chatsworth 

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