Leader of black choir that performed at Meghan and Harry's wedding says racism in Royal Family 'hard to believe'

THE LEADER of the black choir that performed at Meghan and Harry’s wedding has said that claims that the Royal Family are racist are “hard to believe.”

It comes after Meghan Markle said Archie wasn't made a prince after "concerns and conversations" about "how dark" his skin would be when he was born.

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The Duchess of Sussex said there had been conversations with Prince Harry and a "family" member about their unborn son and what colour his skin would be – and "what that would mean or look like".

Karen Gibson MBE, sang ‘Stand By Me’ with the Kingdom Choir at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s 2018 nuptials.

Now she has told TMZ that she “has a hard time believing” that the royal family is racist. 

She gave one example, explaining Charles had invited them to perform at the wedding and that he had gone “out of his way” to congratulate them on their success since. 

The stoic Queen released a carefully-worded statement on Tuesday evening saying she was "saddened" by the comments but "recollections may vary".

And this week Prince William has sensationally hit back at Meghan Markle and Harry – insisting the Royal family is "very much NOT racist".

A stern-looking Wills revealed he still hasn't spoken to his brother four days after his bombshell Oprah interview – but in a warning for Harry he pointedly added: "But I will do." 

Last week The Sun revealed Meghan and Harry rejected 12 versions of Stand By Me suggested by a gospel choir for their wedding.

It was so difficult to get the couple’s approval that the Kingdom Choir chose a rendition which had not been agreed.

Ms Gibson said:  “They wanted the song stripped back, without a beat.

“Gospel is very lively and vibrant so it took a while for us to understand what they meant.

"We sent 12 versions to them over email but none were approved so, in the end, we had to go with what we thought was best.

“We performed one version in front of them at Kensington Palace and they said, ‘That’s it’.”

She added the couple sent them a “thank you” note afterwards.

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