Lego’s new kits for stressed-out grown-ups hoping to find peace

Lego releases new kits for stressed-out grown-ups hoping to find inner peace following the boom in adult colouring books

  • For every £9 that is spent on toys, £1 comes from adults buying for themselves
  • Rise in the ‘kidult’ market is primarily driven by millennials, research has shown  
  • Adult Lego kits are being advertised as the alternative to activities such as yoga 

The iconic children’s toy maker Lego is now targeting adults looking to find release from the stresses of daily life.

A promotional video released by the brand shows a young woman trying to find peace through yoga. But she gives up on the exercise as she finds it too taxing – and reaches for Lego instead.

The targeted advert then tells social media users and internet browsers that ‘building with Lego bricks reduces stress and improves your wellbeing’.

It comes after the toy giant launched crowdfunded sets in which adults are invited to build the skeleton and customise with skin.

The toy giant is marketing to so-called ‘kidults’ after launching the Forma range (pictured) which allows adults to build models that can later be used to decorate their home

The Lego Forma range (pictured) allows people to build the skeleton and then colour in the skin. The Crowdfunded toys were launched last year 

The skin can be coloured in after building and the fish even swims when you turn its crank.

The range – called Lego Forma – aims to show consumers the ‘simple satisfaction of building with your hands’ and was launched on indiegogo last year. 

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Lego’s push into the adult market follows a rise in the enjoyment of jigsaws as well as colouring in among older consumers.

Vice President of the company’s Creative Play Lab, Tom Donaldson, told Wired that in a world of smartphones there is a desire to retreat to the more hands-on and physical. 

An advert from the toy-maker shows an adult male building the fist from one of the Lego Forma kits launched last year 

For every £9 spent on toys, £1 is by adults buying one for themselves, analysts at NPD found.  

Spending on toys by adults buying for themselves has increased by £30million since 2016, with building sets to most popular items among older consumers.  

Millennials are behind the trend, with more than half of the spending coming from people aged 18 to 34. 

Toys popular among that age group include £500 Scalextric sets, drones, and Star Wars Lego.

Research by Lego showed that 91 per cent of adults said playing improved their wellbeing, with 86 per cent saying it made them more relaxed.

A spokesperson for the company said it has ‘a strong adult fan base’ and says its adult sets offer ‘creative projects for adults allowing for a few hours of off-screen me-time’.  



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