Life Ball: 5 Things To Know About Europe’s Biggest Charity Event, Honoring Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson will be honored in Vienna this June for her work supporting AIDS research, at Europe’s largest charity event! Here’s everything you need to know about the Life Ball!

1. Life Ball is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, since it was founded by Gery Keszler and Torgom Petrosian in 1993.

Gery Keszler and Torgom Petrosian founded Life Ball in 1993 to raise funds for their organization AIDS LIFE, which supports other organizations that help those with HIV or AIDS. The first Life Ball only garnered two sponsors, in addition to the Vienna city administration, but that number has grown immensely. The 2005 Life Ball was the first to pass the EUR 1 million mark, through ticket sales, catering, auctions, raffle, stamp and record sales and the contributions of various donors and sponsors. The event is held at Vienna City Hall every year, and people from all over the world fight to get one of the highly-coveted 3,780 tickets available.

2. Each year, the Life Ball celebrates with a fashion show, put on by famous designers.

Fashion is at the forefront of the Life Ball celebration, which calls for attendees to dress to the theme and express the openness and tolerance that is the spirit of the event. The annual event introduced the fashion show at the inaugural ball, with Thierry Mugler presenting. Past designers who have also shown at the Life Ball include Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Donatella Versace, and DVF. Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, and Eva Padberg have walked the eccentric runway, while singers such as Katy Perry and Cyndi Lauper performed.

3. Every year, the Life Ball introduces a new theme, and for the 25th anniversary, The Sound of Music has been chosen to pay homage to Austria’s history, culture, and traditions.

For the June 2nd event, Life Ball attendees will be celebrating the classic film The Sound Of Music. The Life Ball has cast Austrian singer Conchita as the part of Maria, and theater director Herbert Föttinger to play the role of Captain Georg von Trapp for an Opening Ceremony performance. Past themes have included Ver Sacrum (Sacred Spring), ‘Fight the flames of Lust’ (2012), ‘Once Upon a Time’ (2007), 1001 Nights (2013) and ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights.’ Fashion, of course, takes centerstage at the Life Ball. Members of the exclusive guest list dress to the theme, following the “Life Ball Style Bible,” which is put out ahead of the event to offer inspiration for how guests should dress.

4. Paris Jackson will be honored at the 2018 Life Ball.

This year at the Life Ball, Paris Jackson is receiving the Life+ Award, along with Joyce Jere, the GAIA Country Director in Malawi, on behalf of the GAIA Elizabeth Taylor Mobile Clinics. “35 million people have died of related causes since the AIDS epidemic began in the ’80s, yet people are still afraid to talk about it because of the stigma attached,” Paris said in a press release. “People don’t even want to be near someone that has HIV, even if that person has the medications required to prevent transmissions. I’m passionate about ending the stigma and misinformation surrounding HIV/AIDS, and that’s why I have made it a mission of mine to continue this fight for acceptance and a cure.” Charlize Theron and Dame Shirley Bassey will also be participating in the Life Ball events!

5. Life Ball isn’t just a one-day event, it’s a weekend-long celebration!

People travel from all over the world to attend and witness the incredible celebration of the Life Ball, that truly lights up the city of Vienna! The Life Ball weekend will kick off on June 1 with the LIFE+ CELEBRATION CONCERT, which will feature stunning opera performances that follow the theme of “Home.” Then, an event for the younger generation, called LIFE BALL NEXT GENERATION takes place on June 3rd, that includes expanded activities for a younger audience, but with the same message of tolerance and love.

Stay tuned for more Life Ball information to come!

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