Little boy heartbroken as NOBODY turns up to his sixth birthday party at pizza restaurant

Distressing photos show schoolboy Teddy waiting all alone on a long, empty table laid with festive party-themed plates, napkins and cups.

Teddy had extended the invite to every one of his classmates from his Kindergarten class in Tucson, Arizona, but not a single one of them showed up.

Several pizzas delivered to the table ahead of the expected hungry horde lay almost untouched.

Teddy's mum Sil Mazzini said she extended 32 invites to her son's  classmates and their parents to join him for celebrations at the restaurant.

"A few people had the courtesy to  respond that they were unable to make it, but out of everyone else, no one came," she said.

"I'm done with parties for a while," Mazzini joked to ABC15 following the sad weekend showing.

But the family's spirits picked up after Mazzini's photos from the party caught the attention of well-wishers, who flooded social media with messages of support.

Basketball team Phoenix Suns even invited Teddy to watch Wednesday's game against the Lakers, while a spokesperson said they were set to make a customised sweather for the six-year-old.

They tweeted: "How about we celebrate with thousands at our place!

"Tickets to Wednesday’s SunsVSLakers game are all yours Teddy! Talk soon!".

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