Liverpool fan fighting for life after being attacked by Roma fans outside Anfield could be brought out of coma today

Sean Cox, 53, suffered a severe bleed on the brain before his side’s Champion’s League semi-final clash against AC Roma at Anfield last Tuesday.

He is being treated at Walton Neurological Centre in Liverpool, where his devastated wife Martina has travelled from Ireland to be by his bedside.

Police last week told how medical staff would try to bring Sean out of the coma today.

Merseyside Police gave an update on Sean’s condition as the two men accused of leaving him fighting for life appeared in court.

A statement said: "At the moment he (Sean) remains critical but stable.

"He is in an induced coma until Monday when they will try to bring him out of the coma.

"He has quite a severe bleed on the brain."

Sean’s family told of their ­heartache as they paid an ­emotional tribute to the "truly decent man" from Dunboyne, Co Meath,

They said: "All we want is for him to come home to his loving wife and three children."

Well-wishes have since been shared from Sean's community, with a mass to be held in Dunboyne to pray for Sean’s recovery tonight.

Liverpool also hung a Dunboyne Gaelic Athletic Association club jersey in their Anfield dressing room before their Stoke clash at the weekend.


Dunboyne GAA said Sean "would take great pride in seeing the jerseys of his two great sporting passions hanging side by side" after Liverpool’s touching gesture on Saturday.

They said: "On behalf of St Peter’s GAA Club, Seans family, and the Dunboyne community, we want to express our appreciation to Liverpool FC for their solidarity and support following their kind and thoughtful gesture today.

"Sean would take great pride in seeing the jerseys of his two great sporting passions hanging side by side.

"Our thoughts and prayers remain focused on Seans recovery."

They added: "A mass will be said on Monday the 30th in Dunboyne Parish Church at 7pm to pray for Seán’s recovery and give an opportunity for the community to offer their support to Seán and his family."

Meanwhile, a booze ban will be brought into effect ahead of Liverpool’s crucial Champions League clash against Roma in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on Wednesday.

Trouble erupted an hour before kick-off as Roma fans, reportedly wielding hammers, batons and belts, attacked the home crowd.

Footage emerged online showing home fans chasing a bunch of hooded Roma supporters down the street after the attack on Sean.

It came as Liverpool fans climbed on top of police vans and lit flares, while streets outside of Anfield were swarming with rowdy supporters excited for the game.

Merseyside Police have arrested two men from Rome, aged 20 and 29, on suspicion of attempted murder.

Seven other men were also arrested on suspicion of an array of offences including affray and possession of an offensive weapon.

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