Llama on the loose snarls traffic in Brooklyn

No prob-llamas — it’s just another animal on the loose in Brooklyn.

A llama — or possibly an alpaca — was spotted trotting through the streets of Borough Park on Wednesday.

Video posted on Twitter shows the animal holding up traffic as it crosses a street at 14th Avenue and 54th Street, while an onlooker shouts, “Runaway llama!”

But several Twitter users responded that the fuzzy creature looks more like an alpaca. The two South American species are closely related, but alpacas are generally smaller.

A worker at a nearby Satmar UTA school said a farm had brought the animal down earlier to visit with students.

“They brought it down to show to the kids,” Yankee Freiler told The Post. “They took it back to the farm.”

It wasn’t clear if the critter had escaped its handler or was just given very free rein to wander back to its ride home, but one local teen said it was back safely in human hands by Wednesday afternoon.

The llama drama comes two months after a pair of goats went on the lam in the same neighborhood.

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