Lord Lamont pinpoints EU’s Achilles heel as he exposes ‘paradox at heart’ of Brussels bloc

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Lord Norman Lamont told Brexit Watch that Germany needs the European Union but the nation does not want to surrender its identity. Lord Lamont predicted that the EU will be in its same current position in another 20 years’ time.  

Lord Lamont said: “I think the paradox at the heart of the European Union is that Germany needs the European Union.

“Germany needs the identity of Europe.

“Germany cannot and does not want to assert itself too much, but it can do things in the name of Europe.

“At the same time, although Germany is afraid of its own nationalism, it also does not want to surrender its identity entirely to a European identity.

“Germany in its heart of hearts does not want a federal Europe at all.”

He continued: “They are quite happy to talk about moving towards it, they are quite happy to be the dominant country in Europe, but I don’t think they will make the final step to becoming a federal state.

“If you asked me where Europe would be in 20 years’ time, I would say exactly where it is now.”

Last month a Conservative MP told Express.co.uk that Germany and France must start treating other countries within the European Union as “equal partners” if the trading bloc is going to survive.

The Conservative MP for Great Grimsby Lia Nici stated that the major countries in the European Union such as Germany and France must understand that other nations within the trading bloc want to be more involved.

Ms Nici added that many European countries will be looking at how Brexit works for the United Kingdom.  

The Conservative MP said: “I think if the EU is going to survive the major countries like Germany and France need to understand that other countries want to be more involved and they want to be equal partners.

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“That is really what us leaving the EU is all about.

“You don’t stay a member of a club when the club doesn’t work for you anymore.

“We know that there will be many countries across Europe that will be looking to see how Brexit works for us.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t the only country to make the choice we have done in the future.”

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