‘Loud bangs’ heard as firefighters tackle huge blaze at Envy Nightclub

Firefighters are tacking a huge blaze that has engulfed the roof an Envy Nightclub in Derry, Ireland.

Loud bangs can reportedly be heard from the fire as flames and smoke billow from the roof.

Police have reportedly asked bystanders to steer clear due to asbestos fumes but this has not yet been confirmed.

In a video posted to Twitter a fire engine can be seen pouring water on the roof in an attempt to dull the flames.

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An eye-witness said: "Police on the scene of the major Derry fire say that the rood of the Envy nightclub is ablaze contains asbestos.

"Loud bangs can be heard as the fire takes hold."

While a second said: "Been told to move from the area as risk of asbestos fumes.

"Workers at the nearby bingo club say they evacuated their premiss at around 7pm when the fire seemed much less serious."

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A bystander said the nightclub appears to have been "gutted" by the fire which is not yet under control.

Police are believed to have cleared the Strand Road and cops have blocked off access to Queen's Quay.

Members of the public have been urged to avoid the area due to an alleged risk of asbestos fumes.

It is not yet clear how the fire started but is believed to have begun shortly before 7pm.

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