‘Loud bangs’ terrify residents in London suburb in late-night military exercise

A late-night police training exercise has sparked panic in a sleepy London suburb as people reported hearing ‘loud bangs and low-flying helicopters.’

People said they were left "shaken" after hearing several loud explosions near Mortklake Brewery in Mortlake, south west London tonight.

People fumed that they had been woken by the noises ‘that sounded like gunshots’ and pleaded with police to give them any information on what was happening.

Scores of residents took to Twitter to vent their frustrations after claiming they hadn’t been given any warning about the exercise.

Topaz Amoore wrote: "Military training in a residential area at 11pm? It’s madness. Everyone very shaken by the loud explosion and the low flying helicopter."

Jack Kisby-Carroll wrote: "Very loud explosions around 4-6 of them. Helicopters flying all over Mortlake Brewery. No warning of this. All after 11pm."

And ‘Lion Lady’ wrote: "They’re using the brewery as a police training site. They’ve been doing controlled explosions all day and landing the helicopters on site. Can’t believe it’s still happening at this time tho. I can’t even keep my windows open it’s so loud."

Damien wrote: "There’s a ridiculous amount of noise and helicopters flying out of the Mortlake brewery site. It’s after 11pm at night and families are trying to sleep.

"The cacophony had being going on since late afternoon….what the hell is going on….please investigate."

And Jessica Duchen wrote: "Weird stuff going on SW14. Three loud bangs – sounded like gunshots – close enough to send our cat scuttling in from garden & now helicopters circling low near Mortlake and the river. Anyone know anything?"

People living in Southfields even reported hearing the helicopter from around four miles away.

A Met Police spokesman confirmed to the Mirror Online that it was a training exercise.

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