Love triangle arsonist 'set fatal blaze after finding ex who dumped him at Christmas in bed with another man killing them and him'

Ashley Martin, 32, is suspected of sparking the blaze that killed Jay Edmunds, 27, and Billy Hicks, 24, in an apparent love triangle gone wrong.

But Ashley also died in the fire which ripped through the home in Kirton, Lincolnshire, and cops have said if he was still alive he would have been treated as a suspect.

A family member today told The Sun Online he should be “named and shamed” if he was behind the “monster” fatal fire in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

said: “If he truly did this, he should be named and shamed for it.

“It’s beyond horrible. There’s no word to describe it if he did it.

“It’s definitely a monster action.”

The close relative said he believed Ashley had been dating Jay for about a year.

It's beyond horrible. There's no word to describe it if he did it. It's a monster action

But he said the young woman ended the relationship on Christmas night, just a week before the fatal fire.

Days later he turned up at Jay's house to confront her after pals told him she was seeing Billy.

The family member added: “Someone at a New Year party contacted Ashley and said Billy and Jay were in bed.

“Ashley came around and that’s when the trouble started.”

The relative, who described Ashley as “funny, humble and loyal” said something must have happened to tip the man over the edge.

He said: “Maybe it was jealousy, rage, something must have been said, something must have been done.”

And he said he was surprised Ashley could have reacted so violently, particularly as he had even been cheated on before.

He said: “He never got into trouble.

“He was the type of person who would put his head down and get on with it.”

The family member said he was waiting for the inquest to give him answers over what happened that fateful night.

He said he was devastated, and believes the loss of their dad seven years ago may have seen Ashley lose guidance.

Ashley came around and that’s when the trouble started. Maybe it was jealousy, rage

He said: “If I could have spoken to Ashley before he did it, I could have stopped stop him.

“You have to have no feeling in your soul to kill someone.”

In an emotional message to the families of Jay and Billy, he said: “To the family, I would apologise to them for my him, if he did do it."

Detective Chief Inspector Karl Whiffen said: "Given the damage caused to the house by the fire, this has been a complex incident to deal with.

"We can confirm that Ashley Martin would be treated as a suspect in the deaths of Jay Edmunds and Billy Hicks.

"We are not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths."

A neighbour told The Sun that an ex-boyfriend of a resident in the £350,000 house had gone into it with a jerry can of fuel. A party was winding up at the time.

He allegedly yelled: “No one else will have you” before dousing the place in petrol.

One survivor was forced to jump from an upper bedroom to safety after screaming for help, telling those who helped her the blaze had been lit by a "complete psycho" ex.

Jay was remembered as a "vibrant, funny, beautiful, loving daughter and sister" by her devastated family.

Billy's family added: "Billy had a wonderful smile and would always be the life and soul of the party."


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