Madeleine McCann disappearance from eyes of Kate and Gerry's 'Tapas Seven' pals who refused to speak to Netflix documentary

A BOMBSHELL new Netflix documentary has claimed Madeleine McCann was taken by child snatchers – but none of her parents' seven pals were interviewed.

The group dined on Tapas at a nearby restaurant as Maddie was swiped from apartment 5A – here we reveal exactly what they saw that night.


McCann pal Jane Tanner told cops she had seen a man carry a child from the apartment 45 minutes before Kate raised the alarm.

She said she had seen a man with long hair carrying a child in floral pyjamas.

The testimony became known as 'The Tanner signting' and was regarded as a significant lead in the search for Maddie.

But cops ruled him out as a suspect when a British man said it was him carrying his daughter from the creche.


Jane's husband Russell spent most of the night caring for ill daughter Evie.

He took it in turns with Jane to visit Evie, and was sat at the table in the restaurant when Kate came in screaming that Madeleine was gone.

He told cops he'd seen Robert Murat outside the apartment shortly after the abduction.

Portuguese cops later cleared Murat as a suspect after a year of investigating.


Matthew Oldfield checked on the McCann children at 9:30pm – but didn't see Madeleine because of where her bed was.

He told cops he left the apartment after seeing the twins asleep in their cops.

After Matthew returned to the restaurant, Gerry McCann went to check on the kids.


Recruitment consultant Rachael also told detectives she'd spotted Murat outside 5A.

She also broke the news that Madeleine had vanished to Jane Tanner.


David Payne was the last person other than the McCanns to see Madeleine alive.

He checked in on Kate and the kids while Gerry played tennis.

He said the three kids looked "happy, well looked after, and content".

He told cops that Kate panicked "she's gone, they've taken her, they've taken her" after returning to the hospital.


Fiona was sat at the tapas table listening out for her kids on a high-spec baby monitor.

She helped search for Madeleine as soon as Kate returned from the restaurant.

In a police interview, she said Kate was "hysterical" after finding out that her daughter had vanished.

She said: "She was so terrified, absolutely inconsolable, she was rampaging round…the room, she's up and down, pacing, kicking walls, just on, for most part, just imagining where or what might be happening to Madeleine.

"She kept kneeling everywhere just praying and praying and praying and asking for a priest and just wanted you know, everybody to be praying for Madeleine for her to be safe."


Fiona's mum Diane told cops she suspected the McCann twins had been drugged as they slept through the search.

She said: "I remember I went through into the room where…Madeleine was sleeping and err and she said 'she’s been taken' because she said that the shutters and that had been open, the window open.

"The twins were still asleep in the cot and I, with all the noise going on I don’t know how they slept through it which makes me think there was, they must have been drugged with something."

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