Majestic vulture and blue-tongued lizard among stunning pics in BMC Ecology Photography Competition 2018

Also catching the judges’ eye was a close up picture of a blue-tongued skink lizard slinking its way through the undergrowth.

The winner of  the annual BMC Ecology Photography Competition was an amazing image of a butterfly with transparent wings in the Ecuadorian rainforest .

Other pictures include a young Barbary macaque tucked in close to its mother, with its little head poking out through her arms.

A hungry dugong – a type marine mammal – is picture tucking into a grass patch at the bottom of the Red Sea.

As well as the beauty of nature, its awesome power is also shown by a picture of lava glowing on Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii.

Here's a selection of the other amazing pictures that were entered in the competition.

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