Majority of Northern Labour voters ‘WANT a second Brexit referendum’

Northern uproar: New poll shows three quarters of Labour voters in northern heartlands WANT a second Brexit referendum despite claims it would will cause major damage to the party

  • The survey found that 76 per cent would support staying in the EU
  • The YouGov poll of 5,000 people found 24% wanted to leave
  • It surveyed people in across the North and the Midlands 
  • Came after Labour Brexiteers warned 70 MPs could rebel and support May deal 

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a new Brexit headache as a new poll revealed that Labour voters in its heartlands  overwhelmingly support its move to support a second referendum.

Three quarters of 2017 Labour voters in the North and Midlands support the party’s decision to swing behind a new vote, a YouGov survey for the People’s Vote campaign found.

It came as Mr Corbyn faced a revolt by as many as 70 Labour MPs in Leave-voting areas in those regions who warned that the party faces a catastrophe at ballot box if they fail to deliver Brexit.

The Labour leader has shifted to support a second referendum and Labour said no deal would not be on the ballot paper. 

MP John Mann warned Labour would face a furious backlash in the Midlands and the North where the party’s supporters backed Brexit in their millions

Jeremy Corbyn has finally swung the party behind a second referendum after months of haranguing from Remainer MPs within his party and failed attempts to force Theresa may to change her deal in other ways

More than one third (35 per cent) of those polled said the policy change to push for a new Brexit vote made them feel more favourably towards Labour, while 14% said it made them feel less so. 

The survey of 5,000 voters across the North, Yorkshire and Humber and the Midlands found that 76% would support staying in the EU, with 24% against.

If it was a choice between Remain and backing Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, the split would be 81% to 19% in favour of staying in the EU, according to the survey.

Only 14% of those polled wanted their MP to back the Government’s proposed terms for leaving the EU.

And more than two thirds, 68%, said it was more important to maintain frictionless free trade than control immigration, while 17% disagreed with the statement.

Peter Kellner, former president of YouGov, said: ‘The myth that Labour voters in the party’s heartlands favour Brexit is just that – a myth.

‘Those who voted Labour in 2017 in the Midlands and North favoured Remain by two-to-one in 2016, support Remain by three-to-one today; and, if given a referendum choice between Remain and Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, back Remain by four-to-one.

  • Theresa May’s pledge to protect workers’ rights after Brexit…

    Labour WILL demand a second referendum when May calls…

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‘That explains why such big majorities of these Labour voters want a new public vote and approve of Labour’s new policy.

‘This survey also suggests that Labour’s heartland supporters are less hostile to immigration than is commonly thought.’

Last week 50 Labour MPs threateened threatening to derail Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to back a second referendum.

But the surprise move sparked a furious confrontation at a shadow cabinet meeting. 

MP John Mann warned Labour would face a furious backlash in the Midlands and the North where the party’s supporters backed Brexit in their millions.

He blasted Labour would meet the same fate as Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems after their u-turn on tuition fees – an electoral wipe out in 2015.

Mr Mann and two other northern MPs estimate between 45-50 MPs would defy Mr Corbyn and not back a second referendum. 



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