Man, 42, develops boobs and micropenis after his testicles VANISHED

When you go through puberty your balls are responsible for secreting the male sex hormone that gives you all your manly traits.

But for this 42-year-old they did the exact opposite.

The patient, from Lisbon, also had minimal facial and pubic hair; a high pitched voice; and gained weight in the same areas women do, including the thighs, hips and breasts.

He found women attractive but claimed to be a virgin and had no sex drive.

The man had never developed any secondary male characteristics, which usually happens during puberty, according to the British Medical Journal case report.

Tests revealed he wasn't producing as much testosterone as he should be, leading doctors to diagnose bilateral anorchia – also known as vanishing testes syndrome.

Doctors believe the condition started as long as four decades before he sought medical help.

He was started on a five month course of intramuscular testosterone injections every three weeks.

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In the first few months months the patient reported having more energy and a bigger sex drive.

His muscles also became bigger, his boobs began to shrink and his voice lowered.

He also had more facial and pubic hair.

Vanishing testes syndrome causes initially functioning testicles to atrophy and disappear, according to the case report.

It usually occurs just before a baby is born, while still in mum's womb.

This is thought to be the second ever case of a man being diagnosed with vanishing testes syndrome during adulthood.

Most patients have spermatic cords that don't connect into the testicles properly and only a small amount of testicular tissue, causing a micropenis.

The condition can increase a man's risk of testicular cancer as structures inside the testicles haven't formed properly.

In this case, an MRI revealed there was no suspicious lumps so surgery was decided against.


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