Man, 63, breaks into his old school for items teacher confiscated 40 years ago

A 63-year-old former student has been arrested for attempting to retrieve an item that was confiscated from him by a teacher 40 years ago.

The Japanese man, who has not been identified, was seen trying to break into a junior high school building in Hokkaido, Japan.

The school, which was located in Mikasa, was closed for a winter vacation when the man and his 58-year-old girlfriend were caught trespassing.

School officials found the pair inside the school as they entered the staff room, prompting them to call the police.

Reports suggest that both were heard talking loudly in the school, which alerted staff.

The pair may have also entered the principal's office, according to media outlet STV.

There were no students on site at the time due to the vacation and no injuries to staff were reported.

The man and the woman, from Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, were still in the school when police arrived and were reportedly arrested for the crime of building invasion on January 14.

According to police, both the man and his female companion were both graduates of the school and had been on the grounds to find an item.

The man said an item of his had been confiscated by a teacher during his time at the school a few decades ago.

As reported by Yahoo Japan, the two admitted to trespassing at the school in order to find the teacher’s contact details in hope of getting back the confiscated item.

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However, police have yet to reveal exactly what item the man was looking to retrieve after all those years.

Reports also suggest that the police believe the two were dating and had been drinking before entering the school.

An investigation is continuing into the matter but police have not disclosed the status of either the man or the woman since the arrest was made.

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