Man charged with impaired driving after allegedly almost rear-ending police cruiser

An Ontario man in Tweed is facing impaired driving charges after police say he nearly hit a police cruiser.

On Sunday afternoon, a Central Hastings officer was travelling southbound on Victoria Street when they say they saw a fast-moving vehicle.

As it passed, the vehicle allegedly almost rear-ended the police cruiser. The police officer pulled off Victoria and followed the vehicle to Marlbank Road, where they stopped the driver.

OPP charged the driver, 22-year-old Kieran Whalen, of Tweed, with impaired driving charges, and for allegedly driving with an open container of liquor.

Police suspended Whalen’s license for 90 days, and his vehicle was impounded for 45 days.

He is set to appear in a Belleville court in May to answer to his charges.

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