Man charged with killing woman he just met and placing her head on a stick

A man has been charged with killing a woman he just met after a startled teen found a human skull on a stick near a beauty spot.

Nathan Gilmore, 23, from Iowa, USA told police he had been with Angela Bradbury on April 6, 2021, the last day she was seen alive.

He claims he dropped the 29-year-old off and never saw her again, but police said his story changed upon further questioning.

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In February 2022, over nine months since they'd seen her, Bradbury's family reported her as a missing person.

Bradbury’s family provided DNA samples and dental records for Bradbury to law enforcement.

Authorities said a teenager found a human skull, placed on a stick at the Greenbelt River Trail Park, on July 12, 2021, and it was found to be Bradbury's.

They then found more of her remains at the park in April 2022.

After this, Bradbury’s “manner of death” was found to be “homicide,” authorities said.

Gilmore was at the park the day the skull was found according to GPS tracking and other evidence, police said.

Hauntingly, cops also found a whiteboard in Gilmore’s living room with GPS coordinates of where Bradbury’s skull was found.

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Gilmore was also allegedly found to have drawn a “satanic goat’s head in the shape of a pentagram” on the whiteboard.

Gilmore, who was charged with first-degree murder, also allegedly sent creepy Snapchat messages.

He allegedly wrote to a friend of an ex-girlfriend threatening that man he’d “be lookin like the body they found outside Mitchell boy.”

Gilmore also said the sound a dying person makes when stabbed in the neck and bleeding out “makes me hard.”

“Wanna see a dead body?” the suspect allegedly asked — after the skull was found in July 2021.

Gilmore is being held in jail with cash-only bail set at $1 million, according to court records.


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