Man dies after electric scooter accident

A 24-year-old Texas man died following an accident on an electric scooter he had rented, officials said.

Jacoby Stoneking was pronounced dead Sunday at Baylor University Medical Center a day after he fell from the scooter in Old East Dallas, according to the Dallas News.

Immediately following the accident, Stoneking called a friend to order him a Lyft but was unresponsive when the driver arrived, authorities said.

Officers responded to the scene to find the victim about 160 yards from his damaged Lime rental scooter.

There was no debris that indicated another vehicle was involved in the incident, authorities said.

Stoneking was brought to the hospital with scrapes and bruises, where he died.

The medical examiner has not released a cause of death.

His father, Jack Stoneking, remembered him as “outgoing” and said he wanted to be a doctor.

“That’s why we donated his organs, so that other people could have life,” the dad told news station DFW-TV. “He was all about life.”

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