Man enters AstroTurf window boxes into Chelsea Flower Show – gets great response

A man has entered his AstroTurf-filled window boxes into the Chelsea Flower Show.

Single parent Rob Dicken, 47, from Wolverhampton, works night shifts at his local Warburtons bakery and has little time for gardening.

But he wanted to spruce up his outdoor space all the same, so filled some window boxes with artificial grass.

What started as a joke with his daughter turned into "actually, not a bad idea", he said.

Pleased with the results, he got in touch with the Royal Horticultural Society ahead of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show (May 22-26).

Rob’s email:

"Hi. I would be really interested to know how I can apply for my urban garden design to be entered into this years RHS garden show.

"In these times of austerity I think it’s important to acknowledge making use of limited outdoor space in urban areas on a tight budget.

"Behold, and bow to my awesomeness and witness the beauty of a £5 (reduced as it was slightly soiled…no pun intended) AstroTurf doormat I cut into strips and placed in my window boxes.

"As you can see from the pictures it is perfect for inner city living. I’m making good use of the beer garden and smoking area already. I look forward to your enthusiastic response and offers of a prime slot at your wonderful event.

"Yours expectantly, Rob Dicken."

Rob didn’t expect to get a response. But he did.

"Hi Rob, Thank you for your submission. We were all fascinated to see what you’ve done with such little space and resource.

"We totally see how this would be excellent for young professionals who can’t afford anything, ever.

"I’ve put your name down for Chelsea 2019 and we will be in touch. In the meantime, we hope you’ve enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine in your beer garden.

"Kind regards, Daisy".

(Daisy: nominative determinism of the week alert).

As you can see, Rob was too late for this year’s show, but organisers said they’d ‘put him down for 2019’.

Rob, excited about his future as a potential RHS Chelsea Garden Show exhibitor, tweeted about his horticultural adventure.

Rob told us about his plans…

We got in touch. He told the Mirror : "I thought I would go for something unique and low maintenance.

"I joked with my daughter that I was going to AstroTurf the window boxes this year, then thought to myself ‘actually, that’s not a bad idea!’

"I only e-mailed the RHS for a bit of a giggle and never expected a reply. Their response was truly wonderful though and it really made my day.

"I would absolutely love it if I got invited on the show. I think I would benefit greatly from their help and advice and dare I say I might be able to offer them some budget busting tips of my own too".

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