Man filmed being bitten in the face by snake in Indonesia

Hiss off! Man is bitten in the FACE after toying with a snake in Indonesia

  • WARNING: Graphic content
  • The unidentified man was  winding the snake around his body and arms
  • Snake was pointed at laughing onlookers, including women and children 
  • The Indonesian man got his comeuppance when the snake bit him in the face  

A man in Indonesia has been captured on camera being bitten by a snake after toying with the reptile.

The unidentified man was filmed winding the snake around his arms and pointing it at laughing onlookers, including women and children.

But the laughter turned to shock when the snake suddenly lashed out at the man’s face, sinking its fangs into his cheek.

It took the onlookers a while to try to dislodge the snake.

Pretty ssssstupid: The unidentified man starts toying with the snake by wrapping it around his body and arms and pointing it at onlookers’ legs and feet

The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed snake bites a ‘global health priority.

The WHO says complications linked to attacks make the bites one of the most neglected of tropical diseases.

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The WHO is developing a global plan of action to tackle the issue, which will include providing cheaper antidotes and training.

Between 81,000 and 138,000 people are killed by snake bites each year, the WHO reported.

The shocking moment the snake latches on to the man’s nose  and then his cheek, sinking in its fangs (left)

Onlookers try desperately to dislodge the snake for the man’s face





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