Man forces his mother to eat GRASS after she rowed with his wife

Shocking moment man forces his elderly mother to eat GRASS after she argued with his wife

  • Man in China was seen shoving grass into his mother’s mouth at home
  • The pensioner had quarrelled with her daughter-in-law over housing issues
  • The man has apologised in public and the police are investigating the matter
  • A village official claimed the elderly woman was likely to have Alzheimer’s 

A man who was caught forcing his elderly mother to eat grass is being investigated by police in China, according to local reports.

It is alleged that the man, from a village in Hunan Province, shoved raw grass into his mother’s mouth after she had argued with his wife.

A village official told Chinese reporters that the elderly woman is likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease; and the man has written a public apology letter to express his remorse for his disrespectful act.

Cruel: A video taken by a neighbour shows the man shoving raw grass into his mother’s mouth

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The family lived in Dongjia village, Anhua county, according to 

A village official told the news site that the man, known by his surname Liang, is in his 50s and his mother is in her 80s.

The official, named Zhao Longcan, said the incident took place on the afternoon of July 13. 

He claimed that Liang’s wife wanted to use his mother’s house, but his mother refused, therefore the pair started to quarrel loudly.

Liang became annoyed by the argument, so he started to shove grass into his mother’s mouth ‘to force her to shut up’, said Zhao.

Disagreement: The elderly mother and her daughter-in-law were arguing before she was forced to eat grass by her son. The man became annoyed and enraged by their argument 

Horrifying: The man is seen forcing his mother to eat grass so the woman could stop arguing

Dongjia village council were alerted of the incident by residents. 

Members of the council formed an investigation team on July 15. They also asked Liang to write an apology letter and posted it in public, according to KanKan News.

In the letter, Liang wrote: ‘I forced my mother to eat grass because she had a quarrel with my wife. Being a son, this was my fault. 

‘Please don’t learn from me. I am sorry mother.’  

Village official Zhao claimed to Btime that the police had launched an investigation and they ‘had taken Liang away’.

The police told the reporters that they were looking into the case. 

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