Man savaged by five crocodiles after falling into pool while going for a wee

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A man was mauled by five crocodiles before managing to escape with his life after he slipped and fell into a dangerous croc
pool while going for a wee.

The crocodile farm caretaker Sou Sothea, 37, was walking to relieve himself on a crocodile farm in Kampong Tayong village, in Puok, Cambodia on April 17.

He had been enjoying some beers with family members but parted ways as the evening came to a close.

Sothea went to sleep in a hammock by the crocodile pool as usual but woke at around 1am needing to go to the toilet.

But when he was crossing a bridge over the pool, he slipped and fell in and was bitten by five of the nearly 50 crocodiles that are under his care.

A local heard his cries for help and alerted his family members, who rushed to the pool, using sticks to beat off the crocodiles.

Police officers arrived on the scene, where they found Sothea covered in bruises and crocodile bites, including bites to his head.

Initially, he was taken to a hospital in Siem Reap. but due to the nature of his injuries, he was transferred to Calmette Hospital, in Phnom Penh.

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There, he received emergency treatment and remains there in a serious but stable condition.

Crocodile farming is said to be a widespread economic activity in Puok commune, with baby crocodiles reportedly selling for £11 to £25 to buyers often from neighbouring Vietnam.

Last year, hundreds of crocodiles were believed to be on the loose after a mass breakout from a breeding farm in South Africa.

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The man-eating reptiles made an alarming bid for freedom after escaping the commercial farm in the Western Cape province on Friday and dashing to Breede River.

Reports claim that so far just 40 had been accounted for, with 27 seized and seven put down. A further six have been spotted but evaded capture.

However, exactly how many of the crafty crocs, believed to be up to 1.5 meters (4ft 11) in length, escaped from the farm, which breeds about 5,000, remains unclear.

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