Man shot girlfriend dead after risky ‘sex game went wrong’ while high on meth

A man who killed his new girlfriend during a risky sex game has been jailed.

Andrew Shinault, 25, blasted Paloma Williams, 24, in the chest during the deadly foreplay game.

The pair had been dating for only a fortnight and had played with a gun during previous sex games.

Prosecutor John Terry said Shinault was high on meth when he used his loaded gun during the foreplay in May 2019.

“During the course of the play, the gun went off, killing Paloma Williams,” he said.

Shinault told cops after his arrest that he and Paloma were using a 9 mm Taurus for "sexual gratification and arousal” at his home in Valrico, Florida.

He said he was sitting on the edge of his bed with Paloma between his legs. The brunette’s back was facing a TV set on a desk.

Shinault said Paloma first rubbed the weapon along his body. Then he did the same to her.

When he held it to her chest he pulled the trigger and the gun went off.

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Paloma fell and Shinault yelled for his parents, who were downstairs. She died later in Brandon Regional Hospital.

Shinault said Paloma had been rubbing her hand over the gun’s slide and she “must-have” flipped the safety catch off.

But officers who examined the weapon found the safety button could not be easily manipulated by rubbing it, court files said.

Shinault said he did not mean to shoot his new girlfriend.

He had snorted a small amount of methamphetamine about two hours earlier, according to the documents.
Paloma, he told a cop, had taken fentanyl.

Investigators retrieved a 9 mm projectile and bullet casing from the bedroom and found a hole in the TV set.

Paloma’s aunt April Williams told his sentencing hearing: “We will never hear her laugh again.

“We’ll never hold her in our arms or hug her again.”

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Shinault said: "I want to tell Paloma‘s family how sorry I really am. I love Paloma very much and I have and I continue to be devastated by this tragedy.”

Shinault was jailed for two years after admitting manslaughter in a plea deal in Tampa, Florida. He will be on 12 years probation after his release.

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