Man stabbed wife for putting ‘voodoo’ curse on him: cops

A Florida man stabbed his wife outside a Babies ‘R’ Us on Tuesday after accusing her of putting a “voodoo” curse on him, police said.

George Hernandez, 53, was arrested at the Lauderhill shopping center and charged with attempted premeditated murder, records show. He was being held at the Broward County Jail.

Hernandez and his wife were sitting in a Nissan Rogue in the shopping center parking lot when the man began attacking the woman with a box cutter, Lauderhill Police Lt. Michael Santiago said.

“Somehow, witnesses are stating that the male mentioned something about voodoo,” Santiago said, according to WSVN-TV. “At that time, he began cutting his wife, who was in the passenger seat, with what appears to be a box cutter. She tried to flee the vehicle. When she fled the vehicle, he chased her and continued the attack.”

Police credited a nearby couple with stopping the attack, WSVN-TV reported. One witness jumped in and was able to use a shopping cart to stop the attack.

“We were about to put the shopping in the trunk but we heard this screaming of that lady. I said to my wife, ‘Something is going on there,’ so my wife went to look,” Hector Garcia, a witness, told the station. “She saw the guy stabbing the lady. With what? I don’t know. She said he had something not too big and pointy. He was hitting her on the head.”

The woman, identified as Lilian Manante, was stabbed in the neck, face, arms and upper torso, Santiago said.

The injuries didn’t appear to be life-threatening and she was transported to a hospital with serious injuries, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

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