Man stabs wife with screwdriver inside Manhattan barbershop

Chilling video shows a man repeatedly stabbing his wife with a screwdriver while she sat in a Manhattan barbershop, cops said Monday.

The dramatic security footage first shows the man rearing back to plunge the tool into his spouse, police said.

A good Samaritan then tries to wrestle the weapon from the man, but the madman tosses the guy away and then makes a beeline for his wife a second time as he raises the screwdriver again, authorities said.

The good Samaritan finally chases the man off as the wife collapses in the barbershop’s doorway.

Cops said the 66-year-old man pounced on his 38-year-old wife inside a shop on Broadway near West 141st Street at 8:37 a.m. Thursday.

The wife suffered several stab wounds but survived. It was unclear what sparked the violence, officials said.

The unidentified man was arrested and charged with attempted murder hours after the attack, according to police.

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