Man swapped as baby wished rich biological mum switched him back after realising

A man swapped at birth wished his biological mum who was rich would have switched him back once she found out the truth.

A nurse at Nigel Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, mixed up two baby boys – Robin and Gavin – giving them to the wrong mothers in 1989.

Robin was given to single mum Sandy Dawkins who lived on the outskirts of Johannesburg, while Gavin was given to Megs Clinton Parker – who was richer – and lived in Petermaritzburg, 300 miles away.

It took the parents two whole years before they found out about the mix-up, with neither mother wishing to exchange sons.

One of the parents told 60 Minutes Australia: "You can't reject a child that you've been so close to for two years.

"Initially I think you protect the one you've got. The first few days are shock, then the curiosity comes. Where's my baby?"

Despite all this and growing up nearly six hours apart in very different living situations, the boys referred to each other as brothers.

Appearing on 60 Minutes in 2004 as a 15-year-old, Robin wished his biological mother Megs had taken him back and spoke to her every day on the phone.

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Robin said he struggled to accept the situation and missed his biological mother, admitting to resenting his birth-switch brother who lived a much easier life with a richer mother.

He said: "If I've ever wanted something, I've had to work towards it. I’ve never just had it come towards me."

Gavin on the other hand was happy with his life and didn’t have any regrets.

He said: “Saying I thank my lucky stars every day would be wrong but at the same time I was given a life which I’ve now lived and I’m still living and I don’t regret anything.”

In 2004 Megs asked Robin to move halfway across the country and live with her, without suggesting Gavin should return to his biological mother, Sandy.

Sandy said at the time: “I just want to know she’s really happy with what she’s achieved.

“I mean she’s ruined people’s lives, there’s just no other way to look at it… she’s ruined mine for starters.”

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