Man went viral after boomerang road rage is brother famous bodybuilder

Shirtless man who allegedly attacked an elderly driver with a boomerang in shocking road rage clash is revealed to be the brother of troubled celebrity bodybuilder who threw himself out of a window

  • Edward von Moger filmed allegedly bashing a couple’s car window and ranting
  • He allegedly broke the car’s mirror with a boomerang and shattered a window
  • Screamed at the driver: ‘You both got the f***ing vaccine and it’s lost a life’
  • Edward is the brother of troubled celebrity bodybuilder Calum von Moger
  • Calum reportedly wasn’t the same after beloved dog Rex choked on a chip
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An enraged, shirtless man filmed allegedly beating in the window of an elderly couple’s car with a boomerang has been named as Edward von Moger, the brother of troubled bodybuilder and three-time Mr Universe winner Calum von Moger.

The confronting viral video showed Mr von Moger yelling about Covid vaccines at the couple through their car window by the side of a Victorian road. 

He allegedly began beating on the driver’s side window and wing mirror, pausing to bizarrely look at his reflection in the mirror.

‘You broke my f***ing boomerang,’ he yelled as it split in half from the force of bashing on the window.

His brother Calum – who played Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film Bigger – also recently made headlines when he he was seriously injured after ‘jumping’ from the second storey of his home in Geelong, Victoria.

Calum reportedly wasn’t the same after his beloved dog Rex choked on a chip and died last year. 

An enraged, shirtless bodybuilder allegedly beat in the window of a couple’s car with a boomerang while screaming about Covid vaccines

In the viral video allegedly featuring Edward, breaking his weapon led him to produce another boomerang and grow more enraged.

Seconds later he shattered the wing mirror, ripped the glass out of its mounting and smashed it against the window, shouting ‘you c***s, you f***ing piece of s***’.

With two more punches from his fist and open hand he shattered the window, to the shock of the couple inside, and began his anti-vaccine rant.

‘F***ing idiots, you got the vaccine and it didn’t bother ya. You both got the f***ing vaccine and it’s lost a life,’ he appeared to yell.

‘Leave me alone,’ the man in the driver’s seat told him, as the attacker grabbed his shirt.

He then stormed off in a huff, disappearing behind nearby stationary cars.

Calum von Moger (left) is pictured with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who he played in the 2018 film Bigger

Edward von Moger (left) is pictured with his brother, celebrity bodybuilder Calum Von Moger. Edward allegedly featured in a road rage video that went viral, while Calum recently had spinal surgery after falling from the second storey of his house

In May, his celebrity brother Calum, 31, had surgery on his spine after ‘jumping’ out of a window of his house, spending 11 days in Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital.

His latest Instagram post to his 3.3 million followers was a selfie with the message ‘fresh start’.

Police had been called to Calum von Moger’s house on May 4 to reports of a man experiencing a mental health episode.

Tradies working nearby said they heard screaming and the sounds of smashing glass before police and ambulances arrived.

Breaking his weapon did not deter his attack as he produced another boomerang and only grew more enraged, smashing the window then grabbing the driver’s shirt

The incident made international news due to Mr von Moger’s fame as a bodybuilder and his film career – as well as playing Schwarzenegger, he also starred in Calum von Moger: Unbroken on Netflix and the bodybuilding documentary Generation Iron 2.

He moved back to Australia from Los Angeles last October. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Edward von Moger seeking comment over the alleged road incident, for which he has not been charged. 

His partner told the video was an old one and he had mental health issues at the time. 

Australian bodybuilder Calum von Moger (left) is pictured with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The spinal injury was just the latest in a string of misfortunes to arise in Calum von Moger’s life.

Over the past five years, the gym junkie – once dubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0 – suffered a knee and bicep injury that left him incapacitated for a year, found out he was the father of a little boy named Kairos, and his house in California burnt down.

Shortly after he was released from hospital, he pleaded guilty to possessing a variety of drugs, including testosterone, cannabis and about two grams of methamphetamine- the deadly drug ice.

Those who follow him closely online say he hasn’t been the same since his bull terrier, Rex, choked to death on a chip last year.

Calum von Moger’s beloved bull terrier Rex (pictured together) choked to death on a chip last year

The strongman explained in a YouTube video that tragedy struck when he briefly left the house after moving to Texas in early 2021.

‘I left the house for 20 minutes to go to the store and I guess he got into one of the rooms and there was a bag of chips and he choked on a chip,’ he said.

‘I came back, looked for him and found him on the floor with his head in the chip bag – I thought it was a bad joke, and then I went down and I couldn’t do anything.’ 

Moger tried giving Rex CPR, doing compressions, and raced him to the vet – but there was nothing anyone could do.

He described the situation as the worst thing that has ever happened to him – including the moment he was involved in an abseiling incident and spent a year trying to recover in 2019.

People who follow Moger closely on social media say he wasn’t the same after his dog, Rex, died

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