Man who allegedly stabbed ACS worker charged with attempted murder

The Brooklyn granddad who allegedly stabbed an ACS translator for suggesting his grandkids were dirty was slapped with an attempted murder charge at an arraignment on Saturday.

Quanyi Feng, was ordered held on $250,000 bail, and orders of protection were issued for the interpreter, Anna Yoon — who was privately contracted by the agency — along with an ACS worker, Lucy Nunez.

The 61-year-old poultry shop butcher allegedly attacked Yoon, 55, on Thursday at around 8 p.m., cops said. The translator, along with Nunez, was at the Sunset Park home, where Feng lives with his 7- and 8-year-old grandkids to follow up on a complaint that one of the children “has been going to school in a disheveled manner,” Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Kyriacou said in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Nunez was speaking with Feng’s daughter about the children’s sleeping arrangements, as Yoon translated, when Feng allegedly attacked without warning, the ADA said.

“The defendant came out of a separate room and stabbed the interpreter on the right side of the back with a kitchen knife,” he said.
Yoon quickly fled and called 911, Kyriacou said.

Feng — who was hit with six other related charges as he appeared before Judge Richard Montelione — wore sandals, and a black leather jacket, brown pants and a white shirt that appeared several sizes to big for him.

He did not speak during the arraignment, besides acknowledging that he understood the conditions of the orders of protection.

Meanwhile, Feng’s attorney Molly Gallivan said this was her client’s first brush with the law and he’d been working for the 8th Avenue poultry shop for several years before facing unspecified medical issues.

He has lived in Brooklyn for 12 years and his wife is a home health care worker, Gallivan said.

Feng’s next court appearance is on Nov. 14.

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