Man who hates TV spends £20,000 transforming house into giant aquarium

A FISH fanatic has transformed his house into a giant aquarium — because he hates watching TV.

Jack Heathcote, 47, has installed a network of nine tanks in his suburban semi.

He has even transformed his cellar into a 7ft deep tank.

The former council worker does not own a TV because, rather than streaming Netflix or following Ted Hastings and his AC-12 gang in Line of Duty, he much prefers to watch his 400 fish darting around.

Single Jack said: “I can watch them for hours interacting with each other. It’s very relaxing.”

His interest in fish began when he was ten and came home with a goldfish from a visit to a Blackpool aquarium.

He has since spent £20,000 or so converting his Edwardian home in Nottingham.

He has used three walls of his cellar to create a 14ft by 12ft tank, which holds 4,800 gallons of water.

It is 7ft deep and home to 50 perch, rudd and tench, caught in a canal, and four huge mirror carp.

He has two other tanks in the cellar and others in the lounge, landing, hallway and shed.

In his bedroom he has two more, connected by a tunnel.

Jack, who ditched his council job to become a landlord, said: “They’re not like other animals because they are always on the move.

"My friends think they are great. They often join me on the sofa to watch them, like other people would watch TV.”

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