Manhattan teen who walked free after robbery spree held on $10K bail

A Manhattan teenager busted on attempted robbery charges five days after walking free on three earlier robbery arrests was behind bars once again on Wednesday.

Jordan Gonzalez, 16, was ordered held on $10,000 bail just one day after he was allowed to walk free a second time after two new attempted robbery charges.

The Post reported Tuesday that Gonzalez was first arrested on Nov. 19 on robbery charges from three separate incidents dating to Halloween — but was released without bail the following day.

On Monday, just five days later, he was picked up by cops again and charged in the two news cases.

The father of a victim in one of those cases fumed that Gonzalez never should have been free.

“What is this b____t? And I’m paying taxes for this?” said Isaac Levy, 48, told The Post Wednesday.  “If you can get away with pulling out a knife on a kid if you can get away with that, imagine what else you can get away with?”

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