Manipulative fiancée lied about rape to get her ex to shoot her new lover dead

A woman who lied about being raped to persuade her former lover to murder her new fiancée has been jailed for 17 years.

Yu Tung Lo, 29, convinced her ex-boyfriend Daniel Duhovic to shoot her new partner Paul Hogan, 48, by inventing a web of lies a judge called a "highly manipulative and totally dishonest" act.

A court heard the defendant also made up stories claiming Hogan had beat her and threatened his daughter.

Her lies led to Duhovic, 34, shooting  father-of-five Hogan in the back of a van at point-blank range.

Lo was jailed for a minimum of 17 years on Friday at the High Court of Australia after a jury found her guilty of murder.

She could face 21 years behind bars over her crime.

"I am satisfied you are a very manipulative person," said Justice Paul Coghlan.

"Very simply, you tried to lie your way out of your involvement in this crime."

He said Lo, of Bacchus Marsh, in the Australian state of Victoria, was overheard by multiple people in the weeks before Mr Hogan’s murder saying she wanted him dead, including in a message to her ex, Duhovic.

"Don’t talk silly stuff," Duhovic responded to her message.

"Nah, I seriously want him dead," she replied.

She told her ex-boyfriend she'd marry him instead but the court heard her suggestion was actually a ploy she had cooked up to be allowed to stay in Australia.

After the murder, Lo denied knowing about Mr Hogan's death.

Duhovic took the gun to be cleaned and Lo wiped her phone history in a botched attempt to delete messages.

But police began investigating and Lo was soon arrested.

Duhovic is currently serving a maximum of 15 years and three months in prison for his role in Mr Hogan's murder.

Mr Hogan's family were furious with the sentence, reports.

Speaking outside court, the victim's heartbroken mum Val Hogan said: "She was the ringleader, she lied so much.

"I have to live with this for the rest of my life. I don’t get out on parole, I don’t get out on time served."

Val's husband Alan Hogan, the victim's dad, said: "(She’s a) selfish little person and she'll be punished for a long time."

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