Martial arts star who went viral aged nine looks unrecognisable five years later

A nun chuks expert who burst onto the scene aged just nine looks unrecognisable as a young teen five years later.

Eccaia Sampson, now 14, shot to fame when she began posting Instagram videos showing off her unbelievable martial arts skills.

The youngster from London, Ontario, Canada was once ranked 3rd in the world for her nun chuck abilities, according to CBC.

Eccaia told the London Morning in Canada that she "loves the nun chucks".

"I love how free it is. You just have to be able to understand what the movements are and then it's so free you can do anything with them," she said.

And while her skills have stayed the same, if not improved, the youngster now looks unrecognisable.

Eccaia "just knew" she loved the nun chucks when she picked up her first pair aged six.

"I feel so nervous," Eccacia said, of the moments before a competition. "The moment I enter the floor I feel fine."

Her mother, Penny Sampson, acknowledges the fact that her daughter does not have a conventional pastime.

"She's very humble about it and she doesn't talk about it much with her friends," Sampson said of her daughter. "When she's at school, she's told me she's at school and when she's doing martial arts, that's her martial arts life."

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Aged nine she was in a music video for the song 'Human Being' by KT Tunstall. She spent three days practicing her form for it to be in sync with the music.

"I took pieces out of my original form and I timed them to the song. I spent about an hour every day learning the song and practicing my kata to the music."

She said performing for the camera was a different experience entirely to performing in front of a crowd as she usually does.

"I definitely felt not normal," she said. "It felt different and I loved it."

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